coffeegirls and some reading…

Vienna Wonderland


actually  I am working on some little coffeegirls… I want to put them into some real coffee house pictures… I haven’t made yet… so there is still a lot of work to do…


8 thoughts on “coffeegirls and some reading…

  1. What do you mean by “coffee house pictures?”

    I was thinking maybe you ought to put these on coasters for a coffee shop. Find one willing to feature your coasters; maybe spark some interest in reproduction sales or just get your name out there. Could drum up some commission work…or free coffee. 😛

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      1. I liked a few clean designs. Argent seems to be winning me over for a portfolio blog, but no one template is perfect. Either I don’t like a certain font/text clarity or there is something off with accessories to a page, like that one portfolio version where the menu follows you down the page only to cover part of an image someone might be scrolling to look at versus open separately.

        My present blog template was chosen because I liked the alternative, relaxing black scheme (though some say it can be hard to read), and it was easy on the internet speed (which, when I started, was very restricted/slow). My biggest complaint is the way text is typically reduced to lower case instead of using proper capital letters; and some sizing causes letter jams.

        You mean Illustratr doesn’t have an image slideshow feature…or it doesn’t update/feature the most recent additions to a portfolio (or selected highlight sections)?


      2. yes I meant a slide show 🙂 that would be nice…
        it’s true that some themes dont’t show the whole picture. And I am not a big fan of featured images because the are kind of complicated to geht into the right size!


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