On wednesdays we wear pink…



Do you like sandals?


I am not the biggest fan of open shoes… flip flops are deadly… I mean come on they hurt like hell! My heart belongs to espadrilles. You do not sweat and your toes are comfy and safe πŸ™‚

Photo editing_Cloud20180326_8

see my summer girls also almost always wear closed shoes πŸ™‚ (upsi…a bit too much of almost always also, but I don’t mind)





the everyday item…


We all have this one item that we always wear when there is not enoughtime to decide or when you only want to feel good, and you always feel good when you wear it…

My everyday items are a pair of black doc martens… I have bought them myself in 2009, there are a lot of memories wearing them and I feel like I can conquer the world πŸ™‚


What is your everyday item, let me know… Have a nice day! Kisses


Vienna Wonderland



I found this little tea shop in Vienna at the 9th district… I had to take classes nearby and was strolling during lunchtime… one day I had some matcha tea and on the second day I had chai tea πŸ™‚
I decided to take a pic in front of the store with one of my drawings, but then I was too shy, so I took a pic and filled in the drwaing with paint3d πŸ™‚

Loving tea πŸ™‚