Post of today…


Posted this one to instagram today…  Wanted to share it here too… Actually my fovourite bag… A yellow lonchamp le pliage nylon… Love those! Have a nice day!

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working on blogposts


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Guess what I am telling you a Little secret…
Always if there is time I am preparing some blog posts, so I can use them later, in case I have not enough spare time to do a post… 🙂

Have a nice and stressless day 🙂

Dungeons and Dragons… Character Design


So we started playing D&D a while ago, now that we finally finished the Starter Pack Edition, we redesigned our characters a bit. It actually took me longer to draw my character than to change the background story… there was a topic about character apperance and I got lost… 🙂

You can find my progress down here… I’ve had a lot of fun drawing it!


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