working on blogposts


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Guess what I am telling you a Little secret…
Always if there is time I am preparing some blog posts, so I can use them later, in case I have not enough spare time to do a post… 🙂

Have a nice and stressless day 🙂


simple ways to find inspiration…


Sometimes it is hard to find some good Inspiration, but when you look around you,  there is plenty of impressions you can use..




First… Books and magazines

Second… the world wide web

Third… People

Fourth… new places or pretty places… (this picture was taken at the Nussberg in Vienna, not a new place to me but one with  beautiful inspiration)

Fifth… Love, the best inspiration for me.


p.s. always take a little notebook with you. You can never know when inspiration touches you 🙂


last day of vacation…


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Sadly a week of vacation is coming to an end… a short week, for many things to do (finally we have a real table! moving is actually almost done, just little things to do)
Aaaaand I finally started with some sports again… after a few month of doing Nothing it feels really good to get moving!

Have a nice Sunday!

Free time on a monday is always a good idea!

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I am not working at the hospital today, so I decided to work a little bit on my blogger life…
well first things first I adressed my portfolios… only need some stamps and then they are reday to go 🙂
While I am writing here I am listening to old surfer rock songs… I like the sound of the 60ies at the beach… makes me feel like summer 🙂

Hope you all have a productive and good monday! Kisses

And last but not least… here is the picture I posted on Instagram today… 🙂


What I am currently doing… far away from pencil and paper…

Vienna Wonderland

Great news… we are moving… so there is plenty of work to do… I am taking a break of cleaning the floor so I can write this post. my tablet means there is no reason to let me use wifi so I have to type on my phone…

well… I am busy cleaning and building that there is not much time for new drawings… sorry!


a few impressions…